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My graphics can be found at lyckaa

Hello Dears,

I just wanted to tell you guys who are still friending me because of my graphics / resources,
that I don't post them here at tomycoffee
They are all located at my community lyckaa  - of course you're more than welcome to go over and watch it instead ♥

And thank you so much for liking what I do *huggles*
[stock:landscape] car in the street

Friends Cut.

EDIT: the cut is done, so if you have been cut and its a mistace... tell meeeeee,
otherwise thank you for being with me for this time :D

I will make a friends cut today and I will cut everybody except for those of you that I know is there :)
If you are still around but maybe not that often or so, please comment and I will add you back.
Feels like I have many mutual friends that havent been updating for some time and never stops by for a visit.

I actually want to be "close" to my flist :D

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[stock:landscape] car in the street

F - CUT!

Doing a friends cut now.
Last time I did one I was way too soft, hopefully I will be more determind now.

Mistake? Please tell me and I will add you back of course!

And to those of you who have added me for my graphics!
They are now located at lyckaa go over there and watch the community!