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Hi there Lovelies!

So, I'm done with the Special Requsts!!
Though this was'nt a regular one and you guys voted in a poll what you wanted,
I thought that I should do everything that you wished for!
I did it so that I made icons based of how many votes each one of the themes got.
I can't hardly believe it myself but it ended up with
I really hope that you all can find at least some that you like. :)

{ icons 100 total

{ animals
{ children
{ disney
{ fashion
{ flowers
{ landscapes
{ objects
{ people
{ senses
{ tv - show . GLEE

{ basepack mix, for your pleasure :)

{  ♥  }


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+ 350 watchers / friends!!! Thank you!

I can't belive it! + 350 all ready!
- Thank you so so much!

Though it wasnt too long ago I had a request post,
I thought that you should pic what you want me to do in these poll.
The number of icons I make will be based on how many there are involved in the poll.

. you have to have friended me
. vote only for one option
. anything you wonder, just ask as a comment to this post

Poll #1525746 Special Request.
This poll is closed.

Please pic your favourite opinion.

. animals . flowers . fashion .
. disney . landscapes . objects .
. children . landscapes . people .
. children . objects . sences .
. tv-shows . animals . flowers .

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New layout and aaarts!

Hi there Sweeties!
Friday afternoon is here and I thought that I should post out some graphics :)
I have also installed a new layout and I think it looks great, hope you think so too!

This time I have:

. stock .
. fashion . flowers . ships . people .
. mix celebs . twilight cast . Kristen & Robert . NCIS . Criminal Minds .

. banners .



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Natalie Portman Challenge Entries ♥

I was looking through my darling laptop and found a bunch icons of Natalie Portman ( isnt she adorable? )
They are all entries to portmanstills wich is an other icontest community that I love.
All the entries are always very beautiful and creative.
The pics we're provided are fabulous and high quality.
I wanted to show you them and share the love of Natalie :)

Hope you like them ♥



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Friends Cut.

I need to do a friendscut.

I guess I was so pleased ( and still am ) when you guys added me for the updates,
so I added back... I have some on my mutual friends list that I havent seen in ages.

So the reasons for cutting will be,
- your journal havent been updated in a long time.
- we never comment on each others entries.

If you're still there and wants to stay, just tell me and I will of course readd you :)
I know real life can be stressful sometimes so commenting to entries are not a priority.

If you can see THIS  entry you are still on my flist :)


- seems like I need to do an explanation to this,
though you guys who have friended me cause of the graphics
are worried and thinks that I would somehow "take you off" the notificatión.
Of course I wouldnt! Youre my inspiration ♥
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Special Challenge Food A -Z!

Hey You's!
A while ago I started to enter a challenge considering food only.
Stopped for a while but am into it again, I like that challenge very much!
The Mod's always post in time and when they have special occations they are very creative minded.
This time its their 100!! challenge so one of the specials was to make icons A - Z,  out of foodimages of course!

So here are my post to food_stillness!

Hope you will like them :)


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First Post Of February!

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all doing just fine and enjoying the start of this new February week :)

You guys made me very inspired with all your lovely comments to my lasts posts,
I'm so grateful for that so my mission this evening is just to post some more for you!
This time I've made a bunch of Banners & Friends Only Banners as well as Icons!

I played around a lot with the coloring and textures,
hope you will like them and thank you!

. Icons - landscapes, flowers, Twilight, Disney Lionking
. Banners / Friends Only Banners, landscapes, blended

. some

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